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King Of Switzerland

Your chance to prove yourself and to claim the title of the best Swiss LoL Team: King of Switzerland! Sign up now!

Finals: 13. November 2016 12:15

Prizes: Riot prizes,  250 CHF (by imProve), 3x3250 RP (by SwissPrimeGaming)


The tournament is divided into two parts: the qualifiers and the finals. The qualifiers are played in a single elimination tournament tree. Seeding is done depending on last KoS results or based on latest swiss events or at random. The qualifiers finish with the unplayed semifinals (4 teams remaining). These teams are granted the chance to participate in the final rounds. The final 4 teams are automatically seeded into a king of the hill style bracket and given Byes solely depending on their past KoS results. In case no KoS history is available the seeding for the final rounds is done at random. The team finishing first out of the four gets the chance to play Team imProve for the King of Switzerland title and 250CHF. The team with the highest seed has to win one game before being able to challenge Team imProve and the two teams with the lowest seeds have to win 3.

All games of the final rounds will be casted, games might finish faster than scheduled, so try to be available for the final rounds immediately after the preceding game finishes

  1. One single sub is allowed per team throughout the qualifiers and the final rounds combined. Contact an admin in case of emergency.
  2. The teams may only consist of players living in Switzerland, one exception can be made per team.
  3. Teams are disqualified on no shows in the first round that exceed 15 minutes, in other rounds an admin has to be contacted in case of late arrival of opponents.
  4. Tournament code has to be used for all matches.
  5. Do not start games pre schedule without admin approval. You might be casted.
  6. No insulting or name calling.
  7. All games are best of three.
  8. A player is not allowed to participate in different teams at any stage of the tournament.
  9. The team with the lower seed number gets to choose the side for game 1. In every following game the team that lost the last game gets to choose the side.
  10. Every team is entitled to a maximum of 15 minutes pause in game, in case of pauses that exceed 3 minutes an admin is to be contacted.

Final decisions are left to the tournament admin and the KoS official over any rules stated above. On disagreement with the tournament admins decisions the KoS official is to be contacted immediately.


- Riot sign up for RP prizes
- 250 CHF (by imProve) - first place
- 3250 RP (by SwissPrimeGaming) - most valuable player prize
- 2x 3250 RP (by SwissPrimeGaming) - random player who participated in at least one game


Tournament admin: imProve Nexessor

KoS official: Ali 'Lagily' Nasserzadeh


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